There is a huge need for primary care in Clarksville, TN. As a provider I feel very strongly about patient care as a whole.

Carlo Pike, DO

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Primary Medical Care Services

Our primary medical care services offer an extensive range of treatment modalities with emphasis on health care preventative medicine and preventative health. Our primary care medical staff are dedicated to serving patients with excellent care in the Clarksville, Tennessee area. Our goal  is to help you remain healthy and have a better quality of life.

Services Offered

Elite Primary Care’s medical staff provide a wide range of medical services and accept most health insurance plans. We can meet the needs of your entire family.

We regularly perform the following services:

  • care for all ages including infants to geriatrics
  • annual physical and wellness exams
  • diabetes prevention and treatment
  • high blood pressure prevention and treatment
  • high cholesterol treatment
  • minor procedures such as sutures and skin lesion removal
  • osteopathic manipulative treatment
  • school and sports physicals

Patient Office Policies

We recognize that not everyone has the same views/values regarding medicine and expectations of their doctor’s office.  That is ok.  You have a choice of who you want to be your primary care provider.  Your rights as a patient include quality care, privacy, access to information, respect of your values and to be involved in decisions regarding your care.  Elite Primary Care provides personalized care by involving the patient in their own care while agreeing on an improved overall health status as the common goal.  Reference our System of Care information here.

Your rights & responsibilities as a patient can be found here.  Elite Primary Care strongly encourages our patients to actively participate in their own healthcare.  We ask that patients:

  • Be timely and respectful
  • Use the patient portal actively
  • Provide accurate and timely information
  • Inform us of any ER visits or hospitalizations
  • Schedule an appointment for any refills or new needs/conditions
    • No refills over the phone as adequate supply given at appointments
    • No current method for telephone consultation for non-emergent care
  • Follow doctor’s orders.  Inform immediately if unable or unwilling to do so.  Discuss alternatives
  • Pay your bill promptly


      Pain Management


Elite providers do not have the specialty training required to properly determine a patient’s disability status. Therefore, we cannot provide letters for patients seeking disability nor complete permanent disability forms.  Please seek these services from a provider specifically trained to determine impairment ratings and disability.  You may find more information online .  Should you need a copy of your medical records to submit from your primary care provider at Elite, please complete the proper paperwork.